Happy New Year!

Wow, this year is almost over! I have accomplished so much that I eagerly look forward to many more accomplishments in the New Year.  Every day I realize that I am taking another step forward in life. I continue to learn new things, change old habits and live in a more peaceful reality because I am grateful for all that has come my way.

I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we want to control every experience that happens in our lives. Can you imagine how your life would have turned out if you were really in control of every aspect? I can, and what I imagine does not bring me any level of joy or comfort. I would probably continue to make the same mistakes, have the same attitude and fight the same battles that constantly leave me feeling defeated.

I also believe that some things are not for me and in those things I find comfort in letting them go. I also find comfort in allowing God to guide me toward where I should be because he can see in my future what I cannot. Trusting and letting go is not an easy process, however, it helps us understand our true purpose in life.

Living with purpose should be everyone’s ultimate goal. With this in mind, as the New Year rings in I hope that you look back on this year and evaluate how your experiences help you improve who you are and how you see yourself. I hope you see promise in your future and live, each day to come as if it is your last. Accepting what you cannot control, taking responsibility for what you can and having faith in what you do not see or understand.

Happy New Year! Live, life and love every minute!



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